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Divination Through Time

Divination Through Time
DIG April 2016 single back issue.

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DIG April 2016

Divination, the ancient (and not so ancient) practice of trying to foretell the future, is the topic of this month’s issue of Dig Into History. In this issue we can foretell that you will be able to discover the history, practice, and beliefs of people from ancient Greece to

the Byzantine Empire to a recently uncovered Bronze Age site at Gegharot with articles that include:

Why? by Albert Garcia

The Dream Has It! by Angela Murock Hussein

Ask the Pythia by Justin D. Lyons

Augury and Augurs by Justin D. Lyons

A Witch Named Erichtho by Mark Rose

Meet the Volur by Mark Rose

A Coin Toss Through Time by Regina Hansen

A Look at Nostradamus by Ellen Seiden

Bronze Age Fortune Tellers by Adam T. Smith

The Importance of Jiaobei and Cim by Gordon Grimwade

Regular features include: The Calliope Chronicles, Fun with Words, What’s Wrong Here?, Ask Away!, and Let’s Go Dig-ging.