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Cicada Magazine PLUS Sky Horse Tote Bag

Cicada Magazine PLUS Sky Horse Tote Bag

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Cicada subscription plus a Cricket Tote Bag.
This gift bundle offers a Cicada magazine print+digital subscription (regular price $39.95), and a Cricket Sky Horse Tote Bag (regular price $24.95), all at a savings of over 20%.  

Cicada Magazine:
Dedicated to young adult literature, art and comics for teens, Cicada features essays, interviews and art on the creative life and publishes teen works alongside those by professional writers and artists. See full Cicada magazine description.

Cricket Sky Horse Tote Bag:
This eye-catching, multi-purpose tote is a new and exclusive Cricket product.  Features: 

  • Constructed from organic cotton grown with environmentally-friendly farming techinques.
  • Complete with 22 inch handles for easy carrying
  • Beautiful art by Kristina Swarner
See full Sky Horse Tote description.

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