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CICADA May-June 2017

CICADA May-June 2017
CICADA May/June 2017 single back issue.

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Cicada May/June 2017

Cover art by Kelsey Wroten

Our favorite stories speak to us like friends. They say, "I see you." They might say, "Try thinking about it this way." In the dark, they take our hands and whisper, "I'm here." This issue is full of stories about stories, and how those stories can help us understand, grow, and change.

Gina L. Grandi retells the Brothers’ Grimm’s fairy tale “The Six Swans” from the point of view of the seventh brother, whose transformation from swan to human wasn’t as successful as his brothers’. Stuck with one wing instead of an arm, “The Seventh Swan” finds himself trapped between two lives.

As far as the woodcutter knows, Suzume is a sparrow, but there’s more to her than that. There’s something about her that the woodcutter’s wife doesn’t like, and she decides to do something about it. “Tongue Cut” by Clara Kumagai, illustrated by Rumi Hara, is a retelling of a Japanese fable.

Why would a Lebanese girl living in England become fascinated with Welsh myths and a Scottish owl center? It may sound like a strange collection of unrelated ideas, but then, Anisa sometimes feels like one. “The Truth About Owls,” by Amal El-Mohtar, is a coming of age story centered around one of the strangest stories in The Mabinogion.

It is a traditional European custom for a beekeeper to tell the bees when a death occurs in the family. This custom becomes a bit troublesome, however, when the beekeeper is cursed to die just before dawn every day and come back to life every morning. For the heroine of T. Kingfisher’s short story, “Telling the Bees,” it’s just part of life—and death.

This issue also features interviews with poet Topaz Winters and cartoonist Steenz!

Print and cut out a zine of famous trickster figures from around the world!

Poetry in this issue:

“Mirror” by Kirsty Niven

“The Gods of Winter” by Laura Lovic-Lindsay

“Cherry Blossoms” by Topaz Winters

“Love in Goddess-Speak” by Topaz Winters

This month’s comics are by Marguerite Dabaie, Steenz, Aatmaja Panya, and Marnie Galloway

Regular features include Cicada Census, Artist Allies, Writer’s Manifesto, Creative Endeavors, and Comics Crush