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Music for Older Kids Theme Pack

Music for Older Kids Theme Pack
Music Theme Pack I

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Discover the history, conventions, and beautiful harmony of the orchestra and the people who play in it in this Music-themed 5-pack aimed at kids 9 and up. From introducing aspiring musicians to the people who make up an orchestra to exploring the story behind some of the best-known songs of the past 100 years to joining a group of students as they learn to write their own music, young readers will enjoy a complete overview of the music making process and the people who play a part in the music world.

The Music Makes the World Go Round theme pack features 5 issues including:

Meet the Orchestra: Ever wonder who sits where in an orchestra? Ever try to name the instruments that make up an orchestra? Ever see the music score a conductor uses? Yes or no, you're sure to someday ask yourself those questions. So, you'll want to put this issue on your "keep me" shelf! And, there's lots more-interviews with composers, conductors, and musicians. We'll also travel back in time to the first musical groups. Would you believe the ancient Assyrians even documented their "orchestra"!? How about instruments that talk?-and there are many of them! What fun this issue is going to be! And one that will last you a lifetime!

Press Play: The Power of Music: Cobblestone delves music’s impact on American history. Stories include: the tales behind patriotic songs, John Philip Sousa, spirituals and their secret messages, the origins of the blues and jazz, the songwriters behind the Great American Songbook, Elvis and the birth of rock’n’roll, and songs as messages of social change.

Becoming a Musician: Meet some kids who have fun being serious about music, and join a group of students as they learn to write music. Learn what it's like to be a conductor or a jazz musician. Find out what the scientists are saying about the reasons why we all like music so much.

Guitars: All Kinds, All Times: The guitar is played by gypsies in makeshift camps and classical musicians in famous concert halls, tossed around by rock stars, and strummed gently by folk singers. Try some Flamenco clapping rhythms, hear how a classical guitarist got started, and learn about the famous folksinger who wrote This Land Is Your Land.

Feel the Beat: Music Around the World: Let there be music! It's all around us - from sporting events to the opera house - our world is filled with music. Meet some bats that can bat out a tune and a champion yodeler; discover how music can change hearts and minds, what outfits fit what type of music, and how Finns sing a story. Whether it's a pounding beats of oil drums or the beat of a rock and roll song, this issue gets your toes tapping.