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Music for Younger Kids Theme Pack

Music for Younger Kids Theme Pack
Music Theme Pack 2

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Singing and dancing, be-bopping and rapping, moving and grooving. Little kids love music as much as their older siblings so don’t miss out on giving your young reader an inspiring introduction to instruments, musicians, and music theory with this specially crafted theme pack aimed at 6 to 9 year olds. Includes a look at how music affects the brain, an in-depth look at jazz, and different types of music, from classical to musical theater to the pop songs that are forever getting stuck in your head.

The Listen to the Music theme pack is aimed at kids ages 6 to 9 and includes:

Musical Brain: Features to include: Susan Milius article, "Face the Music - Why are we such a musical species - and does it matter?", bass sounds and emotions (church organs, haunted houses), musical genius, Mozart effect, violin bows, brain close to language, bird songs, other animals and music, perfect pitch and tonal language, musical scales, weird musical instruments, why do people like the music they like?, ancient instruments (from Field Museum), Rocky Mountain music camp (how did kids pick instrument; in the orchestra), giftedness vs practice

Listen to the Music: Click tunes in to everything musical, from orchestras and operas to soundstages and soundtracks. Get the beat on father-of-jazz Charlie Parker’s beginnings in be-bop. Amy and Martin have fun making percussive music and Moses attends a concert, even though he’s deaf.

Making Music: Features include: Click and the Kids, This Jazz Man, Victoria's Violin, Tweet, Tweet, Yo Wants to Know, Moses Goes to a Concert