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Mother Nature Theme Pack

Mother Nature Theme Pack
Mother Nature Theme Pack

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From earthquakes to tornadoes, volcanoes to mudslides, hurricanes to tsunamis, Mother Nature has a way of showing us humans who is really running this planet. This 5-pack of issues examining the weather will take readers into the heart of the storm, the crater of a volcano, and above the earth’s surface to observe geologic and biological processes first hand and discover the forces that create extreme weather, cause natural disasters, and affect the lives of humans living in every part of the world.

Our Mother Nature’s Fury theme pack is aimed at ages 9 and up and features:

Amazing Weather: Appleseeds takes you to meet hurricane hunters and find out how people's homes around the world provide shelter in all kinds of extreme weather. Learn how weather has affected wars and other historical events, see how lightning has been portrayed in myths and folklore, and find out how weather affects the space shuttle.

Natural Disasters: Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, great floods and volcanoes occur all over the world. Keep your eye on the weather with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and see how it investigates Mother Nature’s ways. Read about Charles Richter, inventor of a scale to measure earthquake intensity, take notes on how to prepare for a disaster, and review a personal account of the 1936 Johnstown flood. Make a mini-survival kit for your car and twist through a disastrous word find with this atmospheric issue of Cobblestone.

The Perfect Storm: With extreme weather dominating the news, Cobblestone is taking a look at some of the famous weather events in U.S. history and what we've learned from them. And while modern forecasting helps us understand patterns and make predictions, in the end weather remains a powerful force beyond human control...which may explain our fascination with it.

Mount St. Helens Blows Again: When Mount St. Helens erupted 25 years ago on May 18, 1980, 230 square miles of forest were blown over or left dead and standing. Despite the devastation, an outstanding scientific opportunity was created. Scientists from throughout the world came to observe geologic and biological processes first hand and, in 1982, Congress established the 110,000-acre Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument (NVM0), where the environment is left to respond naturally to the disturbance. In this issue Odyssey looks at the first twenty-five years of recovery, the opening chapter in a long-term (200- to 500-year) sequence that will eventually lead from ash-covered blast zone to old-growth forest.

The Perfect Storm: The's a part of our daily lives, but it also has a big effect on how we live, where we live, and what we do. And lately it's been on everyone's minds more than ever before. Join FACES as we explore extreme weather around the world, from the driest place on earth to living with tornadoes and monsoons, and how people have learned to cope with their climate.