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Monsters Theme Pack

Monsters Theme Pack
Monsters Theme Pack

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If ghosts, monsters, and vampires give you the goosebumps in a good way, then you are going to love this theme pack dedicated to all the things that go bump in the night. From ghost stories so scary you’ll need to sleep with the lights on, to a trip to Romania to get the inside scoop on Count Dracula, we’ll visit the monsters you’ve heard about the ones you’ve only imagined in your darkest nightmares. But don’t be afraid, remember this is the trip you’ve been “dying” to take.

The Ghosts and Monsters Theme Pack is for kids ages 9 and up and contains the following issues:

Ghost Stories: Welcome to a haunting issue of Appleseeds! Do you like to read ghost stories? So just what is a ghost, anyway? What do ghosts like to eat? Learn about the different types of ghosts, including ghost ships and haunted islands, and meet some people who actually go hunting for them. Then scare up some fun of your own, and write your own ghost story!

Monsters: Check under the bed and in the closet for bedtime monsters, and just to be safe, check in caves and water for dragons too! Monsters have been terrorizing and fascinating people for years. In this issue, we explore the frightening but interesting, sometimes slimy, other times hairy monsters of the world. From vampires to werewolves and Bigfoot to Frankenstein, we are covering them in all of their glory-or dread. You can even create your own monster to be featured in an upcoming issue. Plus, find out how Tommy has the inside scoop on El Chupacabra in Puerto Rico!

Vampires! They’re Everywhere!: This is the scariest issue CALLIOPE's ever done! But don't miss it! It's about more than old vampires. We're going straight to Romania to get the scoop on Count Dracula. And, did you know there was a noble lady who won for herself the title "Countess Dracula"! You probably won't ever want to meet her, but she was indeed a real person and feared by countless numbers of people. Ever hear of Gorbals Cemetery? Well, centuries ago it was the scene of a vampire hunt-led by children! What contributes to these tales and makes people believe them? For the answer, we've gone to scientists to learn just what does happen to humans after they die, and why what happens has led many to think a corpse was actually undead and could be a vampire. What to do about such undead is another fascinating tale-actually no tale, as the ways to make undead dead and vampires stay buried were studied and observed by thousands. We'll also introduce you to real bloodsuckers-yes, you won't want to get too close to these creatures. So join us-CALLIOPE is just "dying" to take you on this adventure!