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Horses Magazine Theme Pack

Horses Magazine Theme Pack
Horses MagazineTheme Pack

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Few loves are as great as those between a horse-loving kid and her favorite animal. Celebrate that friendship with this trio of horse-centered issues all focused on all things equine. From different breeds to jobs for people who can’t bear to be away from horses for too long to what it is like to own and train your very own horse, kids will get a complete and well-rounded view of their favorite 4-legged friend.

The Hold Your Horses theme pack is aimed at readers 9 and up and features:

Horsing Around: This issue of Appleseeds is all about horses! Explore horses from head to tail, including all the different breeds. Learn about what it's really like to work with horses and what interesting jobs there are in the horse world. See an extreme mustang makeover, learn about working horses around the world, and even draw your own!

How We Became Friends With Horses: Mongol soldiers on horseback thundering across the steppes, herds of sturdy ponies, horse books, and horse history from centaurs to guide ponies for the blind are featured in this equine edition that also explores what it is like to own and train your own horse.

Meet the Horse: Dig is ready to dig into the history and lives of horses with stories about the equine spanning the globe, from the US to Spain to Saudi Arabia, and China. Discover how horses have evolved over the centuries, explore the horse as a symbol of power, and take a trip to Mongolia, the land of the horses in this fascinating issue of Dig.