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Dogs Magazine Theme Pack

Dogs Magazine Theme Pack
Dogs Magazine Theme Pack

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Your dog is your buddy, your companion, and your bff, but what do you really know about “man’s best friend”? If your answer is “not much,” get ready to dig deep into the life of your favorite furry friend with this special dog-centered theme pack. Filled with facts and fiction about dogs big and small, you and your child will enjoy finally figuring out what makes Fido do the crazy things he does.

The Who Let the Dogs Out Theme Pack is perfect for kids ages 6 and up and contains:

Who Let the Dogs Out: We love dogs-- large or small, fluffy or smooth, young or old. In this issue of Appleseeds you can learn a lot about dogs from their wet noses to their wagging tails!

Dogs: In the Beginning they were Wolves: Humans' best friend is just waiting for you to read this issue. It's packed with tales of excavated ancestors and even modern customs. You're sure to find the catacombs of Anubis-yes, a cemetery just for dogs, fascinating. We'll check out what they are saying about dogs evolving from wolves and explore an experiment that sought to prove just how an animal can be tamed through breeding. We'll even head to Rome for a quick stop at the entrance to the Underworld. A three-headed Cerberus is said to be the guard there!

Dogs Rule!: Odyssey looks at the genetics of breeding dogs (line breeding or inbreeding), domestication, emotions, their role assisting humans, care and training, their secret and social lives, and why we human love (and control) them.