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Baseball Theme Pack

Baseball Theme Pack
Baseball Theme Pack

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Play Ball! If baseball is your sport of choice, you won’t want to miss this theme pack focused on the Great American Past Time! Learn all about baseball great Jackie Robinson, explore the role women played in shaping the game, and even get some tips for collecting and caring for baseball cards.

The Take a Swing at Baseball Theme Pack is aimed at kids ages 9 and up and includes:

Jackie Robinson: Modern-day hero Jackie Robinson, first African American to play in the Major Leagues, also worked in civil rights later in his life. This issue of Appleseeds explores the childhood experiences that shaped Robinson's strong character and examines how his contributions changed the history of baseball itself.

Baseball: Major, minor, or little - almost every U.S. town has a baseball team of one sort or another. Refresh your memory about baseball expressions, meet some intriguing players, and chuckle over the playing field antics of the likes of Casey Stengel, Bob Uecker, and Germany Shaefer in this issue of Cobblestone. Features include The Origins of Baseball, The Negro Baseball Leagues, a biography of "Big Six" pitcher Christy Mathewson, Women in Baseball, a picture essay of historic playing fields and Ernest Lawrence Thayer's Casey at the Bat.

Let’s Play Ball: Since the mid-1800s, baseball has become identified as our national sport. In this issue of Cobblestone, we see how the game got started, meet some of the biggest stars, and note how the equipment has changed over the years. We've got some tips on how to collect and care for baseball cards, stories about baseball nicknames, as well as how to decipher fun sayings used to describe elements of the game. Let's play ball!