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Elections Theme Pack

Elections Theme Pack
Elections and Government Theme Pack.

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“Voting is the right upon which all other rights depend” said Thomas Paine. As you head to the polls to exercise that right, why not take the time to help your children learn what makes the voting process work with this discovery magazine pack designed to provide an overview of the U.S. electoral process. Featuring 3 back issues all focused on American elections, your child will be introduced to the history of voting in America, the steps involved in running for president, and even the role of the Electoral College.

The Election theme pack is aimed at kids ages 9 and up and contains:

Vote! All About Elections: This issue of Appleseeds examines the changing face of American voters, as different groups fought for and won their right to vote. You’ll also take a trip along the campaign trail and follow the steps on the path of running for president. Readers will also learn about primaries and national conventions, all necessary steps for anyone hoping to earn his or her party’s nomination.

Elections in America: Cobblestone looks at the history of elections and voting in America and the role that different political parties and media have played in encouraging people to vote. Political cartooning activity, and a special feature on Kids Voting USA are included.

A Closer Look at the Electoral College: What's the big deal about the Electoral College? You can read all about it in this issue of Cobblestone, which is devoted to that subject. We take a look at its historical origins, to see just what the Founding Fathers were thinking when they established this system for electing our president. There also are articles that focus on several specific elections where the Electoral College played an important role, information to encourage a debate about the pros and cons of the college, and an activity for you to work with the votes and see how the electoral and popular votes add up in an election. We've included a U.S. map that indicates the number of electoral votes for each state.