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Imagine the terror of stumbling blindly through a maze of corridors in unearthly darkness, heading toward certain death at the hands of a blood thirsty half-man, half-bull...

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Theseus begins his journey as a humble country boy who sets off to meet his father,a mighty king, for the first time. Along the way, he battles monstrous, murderous creatures who would take his life had he not the power of his father pulsing through his veins. With each triumph, Theseu's pride swells larger and larger, allowing him a dangerous sense of immortality. And then he makes the mistake of angering the sea god Poseidon and several desperate, lovesick admireers.That's when the real trouble begins...

Kirkus Reviews names this one of The Best Continuing Series along with Odysseus and Perseus.

Product Number: KBK62739