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There's a Kangaroo in My Soup!

There's a Kangaroo in My Soup!

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Kevin's a quiet boy who lives on a quiet street in a quiet town.

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There's a Kangaroo in My Soup!

This lighthearted Cricket Book is a joy for kids with a flair for mystery fiction and humor. The kid in your life will follow this tale of a boy and his kangaroo with gusto as they try to decipher a mystery.

Kevin is a quiet boy. He lives in a quiet house, on a quiet street, in a quiet town. Nothing exciting ever happens to him . . . until Cynthia the Kangaroo hops into his life. Billed as the Mistress of 1,000 Disguises, Cynthia has escaped from the circus to follow her true calling as a comic. But she has her paws full staying one jump ahead of the Twisty Lady and the Strongman, who want bring her back to the circus. Hiding out in Kevin's bedroom, Cynthia becomes convinced that someone is stealing Kevin's parents' inventions. She dons disguise after disguise and keeps Kevin smiling at her jokes, as the two of them set out to ambush the culprit. 

There's a Kangaroo in my Soup is a book about friendship and freedom, criminals and comics. This kid's book will keep the kid in your life reading again and again, even after they know the ending. Perfect for readers of SPIDER magazine and all kids who appreciate some good fun. 


Product Number: KBK62898