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Princesses of Atlantis

Princesses of Atlantis

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Pitch-perfect romance and fantasy for girls who love to write.

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The Princess of Atlantis

This Cricket Book offers pitch-perfect romance and fantasy for anyone who enjoys stories of ancient Atlantis and the fairy tales created by that mystical island.

Twelve-year-old best friends Carly and Arlene are writing a novel together about the final days of Atlantis. Their heroines are twin princesses struggling to avoid being sacrificed to the rain god. As the princesses escape from Atlantis, Carly and Arlene realize that their lives are moving apart. Carly starts to hang out with more sophisticated friends, and Arlene senses betrayal. As their fantasy veers toward its thrilling conclusion, they find their friendship on the brink of disaster.

As School Library Journal says, "The fantasy within the story is well constructed and adds to this book's appeal... May catch the attention of reluctant readers." A perfect gift for readers of MUSE, CRICKET, and any kid with a flair for the fantastic and love of the written word.


Product Number: KBK62855