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Time Out

Time Out
Alienated at school and troubled by his parents' separation...

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This Cricket Book, a finalist in the New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards, takes readers on a journey through the dimensions of reality as it follows a cross-country runner who awakens in an alternate universe after a horrible accident. 

Alienated at school and troubled by his parents' separation, a teenager named Kit takes his loneliness to the blacktop, where he loses himself in running”until one day, an accident on the road catapults him into what seems to be a parallel universe. Names and places are strange but oddly familiar, and Kit is torn between newfound popularity in this world and panic at the thought of never returning home. 

While Kit's daily life centers on training for an important cross-country race against a rival school, the reader is drawn into Kit's predicament and his growing fascination with an enigmatic teammate, Alrika, the only person in the parallel universe with no relation to his former life. On the eve of the big race, as storm clouds gather and tension builds, Alrika leads Kit to wonder if he is racing not only for his school, but also for his life. 

This novel of science fiction and mystery will challenge and enlighten young adult readers as they strive to discover just what forces are in play in Kit's life. A perfect read for fans of science fiction, thrillers, adventure, or for teen readers of Cicada magazine.


Product Number: KBK62899