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In 1915 Iowa, Taf flees an abusive home, terrified that she has accidentally killed her stepbrother.

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This Marcato Book chronicles an adventure across the country in the second decade of the 20th century. Written Annie Callan, winner of the Academy of American Poets Award and the Heekin Foundation's Siobhan Fellowship for Literary Nonfiction, Taf is an adventure in the inward and the outward sense, as the teen heroine explores both the world around her and her developing innermost feelings. 

In 1915 Iowa, Taffy Stetson flees an abusive home, terrified that she has accidentally killed her stepbrother when she dropped him. Her escape quickly becomes a quest as she sets out to find her long-missing father. Chance and scraps of memory guide her to Pendleton, Oregon. She meets a boy who hides her in a hollow tree, an old woman with second sight, and the beautiful half-Chinese, half Nez Perce youth Picking Bones, and discovers she must constantly choose between following the inner voice that urges her onward and accepting the love of those who care for her. 

Even while it illuminates the tensions of the period, including the rise of the temperance movement and the intolerance shown foreigners, this lyrical, beautifully crafted first novel speaks directly to contemporary teenagers balancing their own yearnings against the pull of home and family. Taf is a great read, appropriate for readers of CICADA literary magazine and all teens as they start to come into their own in the world. 


Product Number: KBK64933