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Mystery Box

Mystery Box
Fictional lives are given to Carolyn Keene and Franklin Dixon, the made up names behind the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series.

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We all know that Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys are made up characters, but did you know that Carolyn Keene and Franklin W. Dixon were pseudonyms and the authors themselves were as fake as the characters they wrote about? 

Mystery Box is an exploration of alternate history, where Keene and Dixon are reinvented as real authors who kept their lives a mystery. In this original and inventive novel, author Gordon McAlpine masterfully creates the world as it might have been if Keene and Dixon had lived and met among the glittering expatriates in 1920s Paris. Dixon is a private detective, hunting not only for missing heiresses and stolen jewels but also for answers to his painful past. Keene works for a fashion magazine, yearning to know how to write for real and how to forgive in a world full of betrayal and disillusionment. 

With the friendship, wit, and wisdom of Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Gertrude Stein, Dixon and Keene find each other”and the truths revealed in their soon-to-be-written fictions. It's no wonder that Kirkus Reviews calls this imaginative book "gently moving... Philosophies of art and popular culture infuse the little tragedies of everyday life."

Product Number: KBK62680