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John Riley's Daughter

John Riley's Daughter
Clover Martin is gone. Again. But now the residents of Blue Parrot...

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This Cricket Book was designated one of the Best Books of the Year by the School Library Journal and marked Kezi Matthews's ascent as a powerhouse novelist. John Riley's Daughter is a story of folk-singing, South Carolina, and a mystery that centers on the small town of Blue Parrot

John Riley's Daughter opens in a small
South Carolina town in the early 1970s with the disappearance of Memphis Riley's 29-year-old mentally handicapped aunt, Clover. Memphis and Clover have never gotten along, which is just one of the things Memphis's grandmother will never forgive her for. Six years ago Memphis's folk-singing father, John Riley, dropped her off at her grandmother's house "temporarily" after her mother died; he hasn't been back since. Now Memphis's life is a constant round of domestic battles and uneasy truces. And she can't rely on her mother, Rosie, who no longer appears in her daughter's dreams. After Clover disappears, Memphis finds herself on the defensive yet again, and even her grandmother suspects that Memphis may have harmed Clover. In this powerful story told in the first person and set over the course of three sweltering July days, Memphis must come to terms with her life, her attitudes, and her options. 

School Library Journal, in awarding John Riley's Daughter with its Best Book honor, called it "inspiring, this memorable novel is as well written and honest as they come." Let Matthews take the young adult in your life on a journey through a mysterious living arrangement brought about by an even more mysterious disappearance. A perfect gift for readers of CICADA magazine and all teens with a love of reading. 


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