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Highland Fling

Highland Fling
Fifteen-year-old Tanya, reeling from her parents divorce, is definitely not ready to embrace her Scottish heritage...

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Fifteen-year-old Tanya, reeling from her parents' divorce, is definitely not ready to embrace her Scottish heritage at North Carolina's Cross Creek Highland Games. She should be back in Green Bay, Wisconsin, doing what she does best: making documentaries. But she can't let down her mom or her younger sister, Nan.

Still, it rankles. And so Tanya decides to film a documentary that will expose the Highland Games for what they are: a myth, a nostalgic fabrication of what people want Highland heritage to be. Only she doesn't count on running into Christina Campell, an accomplished dancer who takes Nan under her wing--and who, for some mysterious reason, makes Tanya's blood run cold. Nor does she count on friendship with Miguel Moreno, a teenaged Puerto Rican bagpiper who encourages her to open up about her parents' divorce.

Award-winning author Kathleen Ernst brings her Scottish background and experience in public television to this story about a teenage girl who, during an eventful weekend, learns that to go forward means confronting the past--her own and that of her Scots forebears.

Product Number: KBK62742