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Odysseus comes to life as warrior, leader, hero, and man.

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Kids and teens will adore this retelling of Homer's ancient legend, The Odyssey. In Ancient Greece, at the end of the fabled Trojan War, Odysseus, warrior, leader, and hero, must make a perilous journey home. Written by kid's author Geraldine McCaughrean, the tale is retold in witty, lyrical, contemporary prose that won't leave readers lost in ancient translations. 

Cunning and wise, Odysseus is the son and successor of King Laertes of Ithaca, and led the Greek army during the Trojan War. McCaughrean's taut prose brings a modern, thriller-like immediacy to the ancient story while still retaining the characters, details, and even some of the rhythms of the epic poem. This superb retelling includes all the great adventures of Odysseus, including his encounters with the evil Cyclops, the monsters Scylla and Charybdis, the beautiful sorceress Circe, and the vengeful god of the sea and protector of all waters, Poseidon. 

One of the greatest legends in world mythology comes to life in this stunningly rich retelling of the adventures of Odysseus after the fall of Troy. Odysseus is also a thrilling introduction to Greek mythology that will leave readers eager for more. Filled with excitement, romance, and the timeless power of myth, Odysseus makes a perfect companion for young readers interested in learning more about the Greek heroes.

Kirkus Reviews names this one of The Best Continuing Series along with Theseus and Perseus.


Product Number: KBK62721