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You Must Be Joking Two

You Must Be Joking Two
You Must Be Joking, Two! is brimming over with funny jokes about monsters, aliens, cyberspace, food, school, and other topics guaranteed to crack kids up.

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You Must Be Joking, Two!

On your marks, get set, laugh!

Jokes bound, snort, leap, cavort, and wiggle through fifteen chapters bearing titles such as "Screams of Laughter," "Laptop Laughs," and "Fiddle with Riddles." Kids will find enough jokes, riddles, knock-knocks, and fractured song, movie, and book titles to provide hours of giggle-snorts.

Author and illustrator Paul Brewer also presents 11½ tips showing kids how to prepare and perform their own stand-up comedy routines. In addition to memorizing jokes from books, he encourages young comics to make up their own jokes. And above all, have fun!

Check out this podcast of the author discussing the importance of humor in kids' lives, with psychologist Dr. Howard Gurr. Click Here 

Product Number: KBK62752