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Woolies and Worms

Woolies and Worms
Woolies and Worms is a fantasy adventure that sparkles with wit and word-play, harrowing adventure and heartfelt emotion. Eleven-year old Sarah and her new found friends must escape from the pirate Black Tooth and find their way home. Ideal for the thrill-seeker, this riveting story will have readers on the edge of their seats.

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Woolies and Worms

Jackals and Jacobites!

Eleven-year-old Sarah Tufts is sailing to the colonies with her father when the pirate captain Black Tooth and the scurvy crew of the London Gorilla swarm aboard the Shy Mermaid. During the flashing and clashing of swords, Sarah is swept overboard and washes ashore on a lonely island. Pursued by mangy mongrels, she falls through a door and . . .

Peacocks in parlors! She finds herself in a great factory, where children in white woolly suits weave fantastical carpets under the evil eye of Mr. Grim and his weaselly son, Nigel. A freckled-face boy named Freck shows her around Woolie World, bursting with œwonderful-wonderful color: silly-sigh pink, bug-belly green, and everyone's favorite, morning-pee yellow. Sarah meets four-leggers and no-leggers and the prickly Thomas, the oldest and cleverest Woolie of them all. And then ” Skunks in trunks!” she discovers a startling underground secret that changes everything for her and the rest of Woolie World.

Stephen MacNeil's wonderful-wonderful fantasy is "cheeks high and doubly delightful!"

Product Number: KBK62751