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Pigs Can Fly!

Pigs Can Fly!
Charming transitional reader about the adventures of Harriet the Pig.

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Outstanding children's author Debbi Chocolate is behind this collection of four stories about protagonist Harriet Pig, an unstoppable, unflappable force, out to right the world. This collection sees Harriet realize her dream of flight, help a friend overcome a fear of heights, train for a swim race against a boastful goose, and repay in the extreme a mouse that saved her life.

This transitional book is more challenging than an early chapter book, but still accessible to beginning readers who want to laugh as they follow Harriet's adventures. Illustrator Leslie Tryon's charming black-and-white drawings perfectly capture the lively spirit of adventure found throughout the book. Harriet's barge-ahead personality provides the laughs, as she does whatever it takes to accomplish her ends.
The children you love won't be able to put this book down at they follow Harriet's adventures through the most remarkable situations. As the School Library Journal said of Pigs Can Fly: "Harriet is a likable, outgoing character... A fine choice for reading aloud, this entertaining offering will also appeal to new chapterbook readers." If your child is a reader of SPIDER magazine or just a reader with a desire for an entertaining challenge, Pigs Can Fly will deliver, and Harriet will provide them with a great hero to emulate.

Product Number: KBK62706