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BABYBUG July-August 2017

BABYBUG July-August 2017
BABYBUG July-August 2017 single back issue.

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BABYBUG July-August 2017

Cover art by Julie Kim

Whether blowing bubbles at home or splashing in the ocean at the beach, it’s fun to play in the water! Explore your backyard, watch ships go by, and learn to blow bubbles. Then, plunge underwater and meet jiggly jellyfish and slow-moving seahorses. Don’t miss playing with Kim and Carrots! Their new friend, Joey, is visiting! Make a splash with this these stories, poems, and activities:

“Kim and Carrots” by Clara Vulliamy

“Where Are You Going?” by Lucy Ford, art by Dean Gray

“My Toes,” by Amy Cloyd Palmer, art by Julie Kim

“A First Concept: Sailboats” by Edward Palumbo, art by Ag Jatkowska

“Jellyfish Jiggle” by Terra Gargano, art by Jenny Whitehead

“Let’s Explore: Bubbles” by Tracey Bright

“The Seahorse” by Maggie Moran, art by Eva Montanari