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Glorious Glass

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Glorious Glass
ASK May/June 2017 single back issue.

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ASK May/June 2017

Cover art by Dave Clark

Glass is everywhere today—in our windows, screens, and, of course, our glasses—but what exactly is glass?. This issue of ASK explores the mysteries of glass, from why we can see through it to how people throughout history have used it. Take a peek at King Tut’s magnificent meteor-glass scarab necklace, learn how an unwashed jar helped make all of our cars safer, and even see how glass runs the internet today! Meet the expert glassblowers at Ignite Glass Studio in Chicago and get a look at creatures whose skeletons are made of glass. Benjamin Franklin accomplished many amazing things, but did you know that his favorite invention was a musical instrument made of glass? While you’re here, don’t forget to try Marvin’s Clever Trick, an experiment using only a glass of water and a handful of pennies!

Regular features include Nosy’s News, Nestor’s Dock, Marvin’s Clever Tricks, Ask Jimmy and the Bug, Contest and Letters, and Marvin and Friends