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SPIDER March 2016

SPIDER March 2016
SPIDER March 2016 single back issue.

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SPIDER Magazine March 2016

This month’s Wild West issue features the following stories and poems:

A Cowgirl Breakfast by Rachel Hamby

How the West Got Wild by Tori Telfer

Coyote and Bear Plant a Garden (Based on an Isleta Pueblo folktale) retold by Kathryn C. Tierney

Where Did the Bison Go? by Debra Shumaker

Mom Knows Best by Blaine and Hardy VanRy

As well as regular features, crafts, and activities such as: Doodlebug & Dandelion, Cowboy Caviar snack recipe, Super Spud activity, jokes, Spider’s Corner, Spider’s Mailbox, and the Roundup! game.