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SPIDER September 2019

SPIDER September 2019
Are you an artist or an inventor? Why not both? Tinker around with a robot dog, a night at an art gallery, a buggy class pet, and all manner of thingamajigs and whatchamacallits!

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Front cover art by Jon Goodell

School is back in session and SPIDER Magazine is here to help you get ready!


Enjoy features including:

  • Cooked to Order by Graham Ross
  • Back-to-School Sale by Lawrence Schimel
  • The Great Mantis Rescue by Chris Low
  • No-Volcano Lava Lamp
  • Stephanie’s Strange Mixture by Tracy Vonder Brink
  • Bug Adventure by Michael Chesworth
  • The Latest Thing by Robert Schechter
  • Dinner at Blue’s by Patrick Riley
  • Alien Vacation! by Jane Dippold
  • School-Day Sillies
  • Dog Bot by Jennifer Cole Judd


Regular features include Doodlebug & Dandelion, Fabulous Facts, Spider’s Corner, Spider’s

Mailbox, Ophelia’s Last Word, Bug Adventure, Buggy Bulletin, The Fun Zone, Mind-Buggler, and

Spider and the Gang.