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MUSE September 2016 single back issue.

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MUSE September 2016

This month MUSE is positively reframing "differentness," including defining and exploring the concept of neurodiversity and presenting new ways to think about thinking. It’s a very “Muse-y” spin on the back-to-school season!

The fun in this issue starts right on the front cover. Artist Greg Kletsel regularly illustrates our Last Slice department. His other clients have included The New York Times, The New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly, and Nickelodeon. Cartoonist Caanan Grall, the creator, writer, and illustrator of our comic Parallel U, illustrated the back cover. It's a wink to a long-running Muse-reader inside joke about hot pink bunnies.

Inside you’ll find articles such as:

Outside the Box: New Ways to Think about ADHD by Karen Bush Gibson

The Boy Who Couldn’t Play by Kathryn Hulick

In Our Words by Carollyne Hutter (We're especially proud of this interview with two autistic teenagers that presents their insights with very little mediation.)

Reasoning Like a Raven by Carles C. Hofer

Tasting the Number Seven by Aimee Ogden

Test Your Smarts by Kathryn Hulick. (This is a fun, interactive quiz in which readers encounter Harold Gardner's eight intelligences and "score" statements that ring true for them.)

Shari Tishman: Thinking Researcher by Alice Andrew-Clark

Mystery of the White Monarchs by Brittany Moya del Pino

Prime Records by Ivars Peterson

The Quietest Leaders by Alice Andre-Clark

Will Superintelligent Computers Take Over the World? by Kathryn Hulick (Note from the editors: We think Matthew Billington's illustration for this issue's Your Tech (a department that presents two viewpoints on a relatable tech topic) is hilarious. The topic boils down to "how worried should we be about intelligent robots taking over the world?")

Regular features include: Parallel U, Muse Mail, Muse News, Q&A, Contests, Your Tech, and Last Slice.