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LADYBUG September 2016

LADYBUG September 2016
LADYBUG September 2016 single back issue.

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LADYBUG September 2016

Cover Art by Brita Granstrom


This month’s issue features the following stories and poems:

My Hair Grew by Rolli, art by Jose Emroca Flores

Trimming Trees with art by John Wallner

Next, Please by Dorothy Francis, art by Lynne Avril

Cricket in the Classroom by Della Ross Ferreri, art by Vicky Enright

Fiddler in the Moonlight by Sandra Lethem Yeo, art by Logan Kline

The City Mouse and the Country Mouse by Christina Rossetti, art by Helen Cann

Acorn by Karen Sekiguchi, art by Cindy Revell

I’ve Got Rainbows by Cecilia Cohen, art by Juan Manuel Moreno

Rainy Day Riddle by Heidi Bee Roemer, art by Kay Uno

Ready for Rain by Esther M. O’Grady, art by Kristin Abbott

Just Me by Kerry David, art by Kristen Scribner


Regular features include: Max and Kate, I Spy, Molly & Emmett, and Ladybug, Muddle, & Thud, and readers will have the chance to make their own picture book.