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LADYBUG October 2016

LADYBUG October 2016
LADYBUG October 2016 single back issue.

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LADYBUG October 2016

Cover Art by Logan Kline

What’s your favorite part of October? Picking the roundest pumpkins and crispest apples with your family? Making creative costumes? Trick-or-treating and partying with your friends? Or enjoying delicious holiday sweets? Enjoy all of this festive fun and meet some real-life creepy-crawlies in October’s issue of LADYBUG, featuring these stories and poems:

Five Little Bandits by Buffy Silverman, art by Tom Leonard

Mem and Grandpa at the Farm Stand by Margi Rossetti, art by Taeeun Yoo

Pumpkin Pal, art by Jeff Crowther

The More We Get Together, art by Laura Zannoni

Pill Bugs by Patricia Toht, art by Fiammetta Dogi

Rock-and-Roll Mazy, art by Remy Simard

Manny’s Animals by Julia Durango, art by Mark Hicks

Look Up! by Karen G. Jordan, art by Kristina Swarner

The Halloween Parade Problem by Maggie Murphy, art by Jennifer Zivoin

Go, Go Robot! By Charlotte Gunnufson, art by Hector Borlasca

Cupcake by Beverly McLoughland, art by Colleen Madden

Regular features include: Max and Kate, I Spy, Molly & Emmett, Muddle & Thud, and a fun robot puppet craft!