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LADYBUG January 2017

LADYBUG January 2017
LADYBUG January 2017 single back issue.

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LADYBUG January 2017

Cover art by Shelly Hehenberger

Who made those tracks in the snow? A bird hopping along, looking for food? An alley cat on the prowl? Dogs out for an afternoon walk? Or maybe even a… polar bear? This month’s wintery issue of LADYBUG follows our animal friends as they romp through the snow. Join a neighborhood snow day party, stroll through a dog park, stomp like a bear, and meet all kinds of new friends in unexpected places! You can even make your own decorations using ice!  Next time you’re snowed in, check out this month’s menagerie of stories, poems, and activities, such as:

 “Sticky Situation” by Diana Murray, art by Terri Murphy

“A Picture of a Boat” by Eva Apelqvist, art by Claudine Gévry

“At the Dog Park” by Deb Livingston Picket, art by Rupert van Wyk

“The Paw” by Barbara Martin-Flint, art by Taeeun Yoo

“Clomp, Clomp Bear” by Jody Jensen Shaffer, art by Steliyana Doneva

“Snowy Morning on Lark Street” and “Winter Fun at Sparrow Hill Park” with art by Katrhleen Marcotte

“Kitten in the Snow” with art by Kristen Scribner

“Midnight and the Night Watchman” by John Sullivan, art by John Joven

“Winter Hello” with art by Shirley Beckes

Regular features include Max and Kate, I Spy, Molly & Emmett, Muddle & Thud, and a winter fun board game!