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Baseball and Philosophy

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Baseball and Philosophy
Baseball and Philosophy

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Professor Bronson asked nineteen intrepid philosophers who are also baseball fans to turn their penetrating gaze on this most American of games. The result has been described as a "philosophical home run." 

Chapters include: "The Zen of Hitting," "There are No Ties at First Base," Baseball and the Search for an American Moral Identity," "Damn Yankees: Why America Needs Reggie Jackson," "The Ethics of the Intentional Walk," "Saving the Twins with Rawlsian Justice," "Wait 'til Next Year: The Faith of a Cubs Fan," "Taking Umpiring Seriously," "He Missed the Tag!: The Ethics of Deception," and "The Asterisk in the Record Book: Roger Maris and Normative Assessments." 

ISBN 0-8126-9556-9 

368 pages