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BABYBUG November-December 2016

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BABYBUG November-December 2016
BABYBUG November-December 2016 single back issue.

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BABYBUG November-December 2016

Cover art by Viviana Garofoli

The doorbell rings and familiar faces say hello. The relatives are here for the holidays! Come and visit this with this fun and festive issue of BABYBUG. Meet Kim’s cousin Nina, spend some time with grandparents, and get creative in the kitchen. Have you ever heard of a house made of pie and pancakes, or a chocolate cake baked by animals? See all of this and more in BABYBUG! Poems include:

“Grandma’s Coming” by Elizabeth Steinglass, art by Viviana Garofoli

“In the Kitchen” by Sharon Porterfield, art by Hector Borlasca

“Little King Pippen”, art by Ruth Tietjen Councell

“On Grandpa’s Knees” by Dotti Enderle, art by Holly Hatam

“Let’s Explore Nap Time,’ by Dennis R. Brown

“On a Rainy Night,” by Jill Esbaum, art by Michele A. Noiset

This issue’s finger play is “Busy Hands” with art by Alistar