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ASK October 2016 single back issue.

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ASK October 2016

Thinking about the perfect Halloween costume? Take a cue from some of the most unbelievable transformations in the natural world in this issue of ASK. If you’ve ever wondered how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly or how coral reefs are formed, read “Magical Monarchs” and “A Whole New Me” and learn the secrets of metamorphosis. Follow the remarkable “Journey of an Eel,” then read about startling new discoveries that may change the way scientists look at your favorite dinosaurs. Watch an actor transform into a “Monster Man” with some spooky movie magic, read a chilling Japanese folktale called “The Fox Wife,” and play a Japanese version of rock-paper-scissors inspired by the story.

Regular features include: Nosy News, Nestor’s Dock, Whatson’s Book Corner, Ask Jimmy and The Bug, Contest and letters, and Marvin and Friends.